5 key points to achieve your goals in 2017

With the beginning of the new year we are filled with intentions and good intentions. It is a good time to spend time generating dreams.

Our collaborator Ana Casares tells us this time how to achieve our goal in this article, Dare to dream. Coaching with Ana Casares

What do you want for 2017? What are your dreams? What can you do this year different from last year? How much do you believe in yourself and how clear do you have what you really want? How much time do you spend creating your dreams? Do you know what they are?

Sometimes we resist leaving our comfort zone where our habits, our knowledge, our skills and attitudes and our behaviors are. In the comfort zone things are known and comfortable. It is where we are used to live.

With the beginning of the new year we are filled with intentions and good intentions. It is a good time to spend time generating dreams.

I detail 5 key points that will help you to define your dreams well:

1.- Your dream gives you life. When you think about it or tell it to others, your eyes shine, inside there is positive energy, enthusiasm and joy to reach it. Talking about your dream or imagining it stimulates you.

2.- Your dream is aligned with your values; both on the way to your dream and when you get it you will be honoring your fundamental values, the 3 pillars that guide your life and answer the why of all your actions. Your dream is aligned with them.

3.- Your dream requires you to grow as a human being in the path. You leave your comfort zone, incorporate new learnings, discover new things about yourself and personal resources and tools to work arise. You grow up!

4.- Your dream has a point of madness-magic that generates uncertainty, curiosity. There is the charm and emotion before the unknown, the risk. It makes you feel different maybe and authentic. It is your small or great challenge and awakens in you a spirit of self-improvement and courage.

5.- Your dream is going to bring good to others. You grow and reflect well-being and connection in others. You bring the best of you to people and the world.

The daily work focused on your dream brings positive things to people who are close to you.

If you have discovered that dream, allow yourself to imagine it hard and see yourself in your dream. Bring to your mind the colors you see, the air you breathe, the sounds you hear, the people who are with you, your emotions at that moment ...

You already have it installed with force and clarity. Now it's time to get down to work. Put expiration date and design your action plan with goals and objectives.

Do not lose sight of your dream, never !. Daily work focused on your dream generates clarity, spirit of improvement and motivation.

Once you start your path, do not stop. Never give up. There will be difficult moments that will test you and make you grow. Hold on to the positive of each situation; always is.

As big as reaching your dream is to try it every day. Sometimes the biggest dream is on the road.

Every day I discover great dreams of people who want to finish their short, medium, long or very long triathlon or their 5-10-21-42 kilometers. Others dream of seeking their limit, others with taking their time for sports. There are millions of dreams. As many as people. And all are possible, if you want ...

Ana Casares Polo

Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports

Degree in Psychology UNED

ICF certified professional coach

Face-to-face sessions, via skipe or phone.

info @ actraining.es 628 438 130


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