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Inner force. Coaching with Ana Casares

Our collaborator Ana Casares starts a new stage as a Sports Coach

You walk towards a sporting challenge. Reserves every day a time for your training. Maybe you balance with the rest of activities to be able to escape to swim, pedal and run.

You have a dream, a goal to cross, and a great way to go to get it.

Along the way appear difficult moments that test your physical strength, and especially your mental strength.

I have traveled thousands of kilometers swimming, pedaling and running in Marathons, triathlons, Ironman. I have discovered the strength that we can all have when a dream focuses our lives. On this trip my children accompanied me, first one, then two and then three.

They have been16 years as elite athlete with 6 Ironmanes and 11 Marathons looking for my limit.

I have achieved dreams I could never have imagined. The key has been in good management of my energy and my emotions.

The hard moments and the failures have been my biggest learnings. From them I have discovered new approaches and I have gained strength to move forward and grow.

I encourage you to discover your inner strength and work with it every day. Through coaching we will explore your resources and generate actions that lead to your best performance as an athlete and as a person.

A relationship of authentic trust and free of judgment is established. From the attunement and active listening I help you discover your potential, your personal resources and develop skills that will bring you closer to personal and sporting excellence.

Inner force. Coaching with Ana Casares

Some of the topics that I work as a coach are:

  • Generate motivation within you.
  • emotional self
  • Management of time and personal energy
  • Overcome fears / anxiety / blockages / insecurity
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Facing the competition
  • Discover mental strength

Face-to-face sessions, via skype or telephone.

Contact: info @ Phone: 628438130

Ana Casares Polo

Bachelor of Physical Education

Degree in Psychology UNED

ICF certified coach

Photo: Adeposrt


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