Your objectives and goals: Key to advance

You have defined your dream, you can imagine it clearly. You see yourself swimming, pedaling, running, crossing a finish line ...

In this article our collaborator Ana Casares gives us guidelines to define and achieve our goals and objectives

You are able to experience it with a certain intensity: how the landscape is, with what people you are, what environment surrounds you, what colors predominate, what feelings you have, what voices you hear ...

And this dream also happens on a specific day. It has an expiration date.

Now you start a path. It's time to take action based on your daily work focused on your dream. It is time to define your goals and goals very well.

The objectives are things that you get in the medium term (weeks-months), and the goals are short-term achievements (days).

The clarity with which you define your objectives and goals is key to advance, since they stimulate your motivation and print strength and meaning to everything you do.

They also help prioritize tasks and optimize your energy and your time towards efficient training and balancing.

The objectives and goals must be:

-        You realists, that is, possible.

-        Specifics, they specify something that you do, in a certain place, and with their own characteristics.

-        Achievable, you can get them and you know it.

-        Measurable, you can know in some way what you have achieved your goal. Maybe you can quantify it by numbers, minutes, by level of personal satisfaction, etc.

-        Temporary: they have an expiration date, there is a day, place and time where you will achieve your goal

-        Formulated in positive: focused on what you want to achieve, incorporate or achieve in your life. Not in what you want to eliminate.

As a coach I accompany people and teams to define their dreams, goals and goals and generate actions to achieve them.

The process implies becoming aware of behaviors, habits and beliefs that limit us and discovering resources to change them for others that empower us.

All this way to reach your best personal version as an athlete, where you are the true protagonist.


Ana Casares Polo

Professional triathlete (2000-2016)

Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports

Degree in Psychology UNED

Certified professional coach

Working with people and teams

Sesiones classroom, via skype or phone.


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