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Causes and treatment of bone Edema

Bone edema is an inflammation that occurs inside the bone (in the bone marrow)

Our collaborator the Fisiopinar Clinic, tells us in this article the causes, symptoms and possible solutions of a Bone edema

El Bone edema is a inflammation what happens in the bone interior (in the bone marrow) What is observed is that there is fluid inside the bone. Edema occurs when there is an increase in pressure on the bone, so the body produces inflammatory fluid to protect the area that enters the marrow.

It can be given in any area of ​​the body but the most common areas are: knee, tobillo, astragalus, calcaneus, metatarsus, shoulder y wrist.

What you have to keep in mind is that it's a complex injury and very slow evolution and if we do not respect the times, there may be a trabecular stress fracture.


The symptoms is mainly the localized pain and deaf that increases in charge although in greater degrees of injury It can hurt even at rest.


The causes above all are: direct traumatisms such as direct hits and microtrauma (repetitive impacts), and other causes such as condal lesions, infectious...

To diagnose an edema we need a rmagnetic resonance or a Bone scintigraphy, since in an x-ray the interior liquid of the bone is not seen.


El main treatment is rest and to a more severe degree some discharge orthosis. Other treatments of choice can be: radiofrequency magnetotherapy or the high frequency laser that provoke a bone stimulation to reabsorb the edema.

Above all it is necessary that the athlete has patience since it is an injury that can oscillate Between 3 and 9 months, which does not mean that we have to be in absolute rest, but that, under the supervision of a professional, we can progressively increase in exercises such as swimming, cycling, progressively increasing the load ... and thus with a treatment Adequate we can shorten the healing times.

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