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Dehydration and muscle pain

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The heat affects our body, causing more sweating to regulate body temperature by removing liquids.

Our collaborator Healting, tells us on this occasion how to deal with muscle dehydration from physiotherapy.

During the summer months, one of the most common problems that we encounter when doing some outdoor physical activity, is dehydration and its effects on the body due to the high temperatures typical of these dates. The heat reverberates in our body, causing more sweating to regulate body temperature by removing liquids.

This constant loss of fluids can alter the performance of the muscles, to provoke Cramps and even get to produce more serious injuries like muscle breaks.

El water is the main component of the body, constituting between 50-70% of our total body weight. Depending on the proportion of liquids that are lost in the body, the following symptoms may appear:

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* Data obtained from the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine (FEMD), article: " Consensus on drinks for the athlete and composition and fluid replacement guidelines " ( ) .

From the field of physiotherapy, and especially during the months of competition, where heat and high temperatures play a fundamental role in sports training, It is common to treat muscle problems associated with dehydration.

The loss of liquids causes the blood to become denser, causing its role of transporting nutrients and oxygenation at the cellular level is limited causing alterations such as inflammation I lack of elasticity in muscle tissue. In the same way, the evacuation of waste substances is reduced causing lactic acid clusters that incapacitate muscle contraction and the flow of energy (ATP) causing muscle fatigue and in some cases forcing to stop the exercise or physical activity that is doing.

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In addition to proper hydration and recovery of all lost mineral salts and electrolytes, We can use other tools as treatment routes effective that will help improve the symptoms of patients, among which we highlight: manual therapy of discharge, game ready (cryotherapy + pressotherapy) or vacusport (intermittent vacuum machine) that favors venous return, increasing blood flow to contribute to greater tissue recovery.

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