Pain in the sole of the foot, David Serra tells us what to do

Angel reader of Triathlon News, he sent us the following question for our collaborator David Serra:

For several months I have had pains in the sole of the foot in the last RX. There is clearly a husband in the calcaneus and a calcification in the insertion of the plantar fascia and the metatarsal. I have been told two types of treatment: 1 ° treatment with shock waves. 2 ° homeopathic treatment. What do you recommend me? Do you know any really effective treatment?


In principle shock waves for this type of specific injury can help and homeopathy can be perfectly complemented as an adjuvant. You should bear in mind that flat shoes are not advisable, so choose to use footwear with more height in the heel part to download that area every day.

As an especially effective therapy I recommend Indiba Activ or Tecarterapia, choose a center that has experience in this type of treatment because it is very resolutive in a few sessions and is not painful or aggressive unlike shock waves.

Massage in the area of ​​the twins, soleus, hamstrings and sole of the foot also helps to reduce tension in the sole of the foot. You can also massage the sole of your foot with a bottle of 5 'frozen water three times a day.

Although you have been with this inconvenience for a long time, do not despair, you will surely recover. Do not resort to infiltrations at the moment, because you have less aggressive options to try and I recommend that if you can go swimming or cycling to maintain a good muscle tone and physical shape that you will need when you are well and start running, since If the muscles of your body are strong, the impact will be less on your bones and joints.

Also, if you keep exercising you avoid the weight gain that is not beneficial for your injury.

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