Do you suffer from lower back pain? Follow these tips to avoid it

One of the main problems of low back pain is the imbalance between the abdominal and the lower back.

Most of us have suffered discomfort in the lower back at some point in our lives. The usual way to correct it is by working the abdominal or lumbar, but really, which one should we work?

 Our collaborator High performance tells us this time how we can avoid discomfort in the lower back.

One of the main problems of low back pain is the imbalance between the abdominal and lumbar.

It is necessary to assess the strength of these two muscle groups and compare them to each other. The lumbar force should always be a little greater than the abdominal strength, but to do it, any machine is useless.

This is an example that has been valued by a professional in special machines

Lumbar Pain Table

That is, you can not make a recommendation that works for everyone. We know that I needs strengthen the weakest area, but maybe we do not know what it is.

Something that can give us an important clue is our body position By valuing ourselves, by looking in the mirror, we can have clues about the predominant musculature.

In this example, it is very likely to think that this person having an excess of tone in the back (lumbar), should give much importance to abdominal work.

lumbar pain table 2

But it may be that we already have the proper muscle balance and that we continue to have lumbar discomfort. In this case, it is most likely a lack of strengthening of the stabilizing muscles of the lumbar region.

There is a lot of research that links spinal instability and inadequate intervertebral movement with pain in this area.

In this case, the muscles that we see on the surface, the rectus abdominis (the "typical tablet") and quadratus lumbar in the back, have little to contribute. Only the deepest muscles (multifidus, transverse of the abdomen, spinal erectors, diaphragm and internal oblique) are those that give stability to the spine, as foundation they give it to a building.

lumbar pain table 3

These muscles begin to work in static positions, the famous plates. But if we perform the same exercise for months, it will lose efficiency, so it will be necessary to increase the difficulty, here are some examples to try to keep the position a minimum of 20sg

Exercises avoid Lumbar pain

If we are already able to perform exercises of some difficulty it is better to increase the work of this musculature with ballistic movements, in which we submit to stronger and explosive stresses to perform a really effective work.

In this case we propose a couple of good exercises:

  Low back pain kettlebell exercises

Swing with kettlebell, trying to climb with the maximum possible speed so that this muscle can slow down stabilizing the lower back

Medicine ball throw, getting to receive it more and more low and away from the trunk to demand more work

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