What is plantar fasciitis? causes and treatment

It is an inflammation of the entire fascia that goes from the bone of the heel to the fingers

La Plantar fascia It is one of the most suffered structures in triathletes and with which more care must be taken to avoid possible injuries.

Our collaborator in Advanced Physiotherapy the medical center Healthing, explains in this article that it is plantar fasciitis, its possible causes and the treatment for this injury.

We have to bear in mind that the Impact and load that occurs during the realization of this sport discipline, is very intense, reverberating throughout the sole of the feet and in adjacent structures, such as the twin and soleus zone.

But really, Do we know what plantar fasciitis is?

La fasciosis or more commonly known as Plantar fasciitis, is an inflammation and degeneration of the entire fascia composed of connective tissue that goes from the heel bone (calcaneus) to the fingers. These structures of the plants of the feet develop an important biomechanical function, helping the intrinsic musculature to maintain the plantar arch, absorb and transmit the energy during the races to the rest of the musculature of the lower limb, especially to the triceps surae.

It is one of the main causes of loss or injury of triathletes, due to the excessive stress exerted on the soles of the feet, like the long distance runners.

How do I know I can have a fasciosis?

The symptomatology is very clear: it produces Acute pain in the internal area of ​​the heel, which in most cases radiates towards the fingers by the soles of the feet.

In athletes, during physical exercise and While the muscles are "hot" there is not much discomfort but, after the activity. In addition, a very common clinic is having pain when we get out of bed in the morning.

What is its possible origin?

It can be multifactorial; Therefore, from Healthing we always carry out a global assessment and full of athletes who come to our clinic.

The causes may include since: biomechanical alterations in the foot, an increase in physical activity without proper prior preparation, sudden movements and repetitive or even the use of a inappropriate shoes

Plantar Fasciitis treatment in healthing

How can it be treated?

It is good to approach this pathology from different points of view, since its appearance is due to a sum of factors, as we just mentioned. In Healthing we previously made an initial and individual assessment of each case, analyzing the factors that triggered the injury and identifying the cause of the problem.

The treatment consists of the use of manual techniques and in most cases the use of ultrasound-guided intratissular percutaneous electrolysis (EPI), diacutaneous fibrolysis and exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist.

In addition to all this, we have the latest technology to get reduce recovery times, and take the triathlete to the sport as soon as possible and as best as possible. Part of this technology is:

  • LHigh power laser and shock waves extracorporeal to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Vacusport (intermittent vacuum system) to reduce inflammation and relaxation of tissues.
  • Antigravity treadmill AlterG, in the early stages of the pathology.
  • IMOOVE mobile platform.

Physiotherapy Treatments in Healthing

We will keep you informed of other pathologies of the triathletes, as well as their treatment!

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