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Mobilizes the spine to influence athletic performance

When you run, you go by bicycle or swim your entire column makes tiny movements. Learning to mobilize the spine in all its breadth will allow all the muscles that originate or insert in it to move, which will also influence the mobility of your arms and legs. This relationship of movement will allow you to gain efficiency which in a sport like yours is an advantage.

La spine It is a structure where we have 26 joints. Through the column we connect a series of very important structures when it comes to moving.

Pelvis, thoracic cavity, skull they are connected through the spine. As well  indirectly the upper limbs are connected e lower Besides shoulder blades.

Therefore mRocking the spine creates movement in the other areas of the body.

In the human body everything is related. If it is impossible for you to move an articulation, there will be another one that has to compensate for that lack of mobility, and vice versa. Opening and closing joints can be fundamental especially the joints of the spine that are so affected by our day to day and that you request in your sport.

Open or close the joints

The joints are like doors. We can open or close them. Sometimes we have some too open or others too closed. What we should have is a balance in that ability to open and close. I call it center. We must have articulation at its center.

In Anatomy in Motion we look among other things center the body and its joints. Sometimes we do them by creating mobility in joints that are "closed". Other times closing the “too open” joints.

Mobilize the spine 

Mobilize the spine is going to open a series of possibilities in the other parts of the body.

As a small example I tell you that if the thoracic spine can make an extension, the shoulder blades can go down (we call it depression). By this you can see that making movements in the spine can influence the mobility of the scapula and in turn the shoulder.

Do you have problems with the swimmer's shoulder?

I propose an exercise to mobilize the spine that can influence your technique of running, cycling or swimming. 

Do a few repetitions and go running. Do you notice differences with your normal way of running?

In addition to being able to influence your technique, it can also serve as an exercise in Prehab or rehabilitation of injuries.

These exercises that allow you to mobilize your spine have a direct effect on it and also on other areas such as legs and arms. Mobilizing this region can help you improve the efficiency of your movement, prevent injuries and improve your performance,

If you want to know the concept of movement that I apply, you can get more information at www.exploramovimiento.com

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