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How to mobilize your feet to perform better?

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Mobilizing the feet can make the joints move better. 

 The human body is made to move. Activities such as running, cycling or swimming are activities that need movement that is visualized in the joints of the body.

We have more than 200 joints. 

Each foot has 33 joints which makes in the 2 66 feet joints. The spine has 26 joints. Among these 3 body parts we have almost 100 joints, that is, half of the joints of the body. If you think of the joints as doors that can be opened and closed we have in these 99 articulations, 99 possibilities to create movement or to reduce it.

Seeks the centrality of the body

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a method that try to take the body to its center. So you can stop having annoyances and improve your performance. The center It is the position where the body makes less effort. 

With Anatomy in Motion you can open or close the joints, and it all depends on the state of a person. 

If for example, a person note discomfort when running and when assessing his state we see that he has too much mobility in some joints and too poor mobility in other joints what we want is create mobility where there is none and decrease the excess of mobility where it exists. We want a Body balance, or centered.

But, in the long term, what is sought, and will depend on the type of activity that the subject performs, is an increase in the capacity of movement of those joints, that is, to open those doors that the body has, while maintaining centrality.

Looking for the center of the body

Mobilizes joints in 3 movement planes

Joints can move in flat 3: Sagittal (you look at the body from a lateral position) - Flexion and extension; Wall (you look at the body of a frontal position) - Abduction and adduction; Transverse (you look at the body from a higher position) - Rotate to the left or rotate to the right.

Almost all joints can perform this type of movement. 

If we go to the feet, also the joints that constitute them can perform this type of movement, being able to move all their joints, except the ankles, in 3 dimensions.

The same thing happens with the spine. You can also make movements in 3 dimensions.

We leave you a video where you can see how to mobilize some joints of half feet. The same procedure that I apply can be applied to other joints, both the foot and other parts of the body.

I hope that with him you can better know your strengths and weaknesses, improve them and transmit them to your career on foot, cycling or swimming.

Gonçalo Ramos Garcia

Physical trainer

Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports - UÉVORA

Master in Physical Activity - Ramo Rendimiento - BARCELONA

Anatomy in Motion Certificate

My website:

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