Tibial periostitis or runner's disease

The runners are the athletes who suffer most from this injury due to the vibration that arises from the impact on the ground

Our collaborator the Fisiopinar Clinic, tells us in this article the causes, symptoms and possible solutions of this injury

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The periosteum is a membrane of connective tissue that lines the bones externally. The periostitis therefore is thenflamation of this membrane and usually the most common is that it occurs on the inside of the tibia or shin, in the area between the posterior tibial and the soleus, which tibial periostitis or evil of the corridor.

The runners are the athletes who suffer most from this injury due to the vibration that arises from the impact on the ground. The causes are diverse: Inadequate footwear,   wear of it, biomechanical alteration like tibial torsion or foot dig, excessively hard ground like asphalt, or Excessive training without rest.

Tibial periostitis usually with very characteristic pain and burning in the anterior part of the leg what can iDisable the exercise and sometimes it can be nocturnal. On palpation we notice some lumps along the tibia that are usually painful.

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Marathon runners

For the treatment it is important Decrease or temporarily suspend physical activity. Bill Ice is effective as an anti-inflammatory measure, muscle discharge of the affected and surrounding muscles, Hyperthermia to lower inflammation and stimulate tissue regeneration, stretching and muscle strengthening. If there is a lot of inflammation or if it continues with physical activity it is recommended make functional tape bandages to attenuate the transmitted vibration.

It would be convenient perform a study of the tread in case some correction with templates is necessary, and heat the area before exercise. Important is resume activity progressively and without series at the beginning, which cause an excessive overload, and train on terrain that is not asphalted. And above all, go to our trusted professional when we notice the first symptoms.

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