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Proprioception in triathlon

It acts as a defense mechanism to prevent certain movements that can cause damage to a joint

Our collaborator Fisiopinar Clinic tells us in this article the importance of proprioception to avoid the appearance of injuries.

Proprioception is the ability of our body to recognize the joint in space. The proprioceptive receptors, found in the joint, are responsible for sending signals to the brain and telling it how it is at that moment. It is very important in preventing injuries.

It acts as a defense mechanism to prevent certain movements that can cause damage to a joint.

If it is not correct, we will not have the ability to react quickly and we will have a greater chance of injuring ourselves. After an illness, the propiceptive system will be damaged. Both to recover and to prevent it is important to work on it.

In triathlon as in other sports, different materials can be used that will help us, such as fitball, dinair, bosu, tennis balls, medium balls, ropes, bars, scooter, bohler plate ... but we can also use our own body with postures and imbalances .

We will give some example

Member exercises  less :

  • Balance on one leg and with the other perform the numbers from 1 to 10. Progression: close your eyes.
  • Balance on one leg and throw a ball off a wall.
  • Balance on one leg on top of bosu, dinair and bohler plate. Progression: close your eyes, throw a ball at us.
  • Jumping off a Swedish bench. Progression: lame leg.
  • Vertical jumps
  • Scooter: on the skateboard with both feet. Squats

Member exercises top :

  • Lying face down on the stretcher. Arm off the stretcher supported by a skateboard. Move your arm and increase speed.
  • Same posture with medium ball. A teammate can try to take the ball from us in all directions and we can resist, they can also unbalance our forearm without losing contact with the ball. Progression: same exercise in an upright position on a wall and increase the degrees of shoulder flexion.
  • Medium or medicine ball: someone else passes us and we receive it with one arm. Progression: more weight and more joint degrees.
  • Fitball: with our legs slightly open and our hands on the Fitball we slide until we rest our hands with outstretched arms and fingertips.

There are many more ways to perform proprioception and situations. The beach is a good place to work, since the sand is a good uneven ground that can help us. The pool is another appropriate place.

In conclusion proprioception should be an important part of our training. Of course, any question about exercise, consult your trusted specialist.

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Photo: ITU / Rich Cruse

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