Fiber Breakage, How to return to training?

As usual, David Serra, a TN collaborator in the TRIFISIO section, responds to the inquiries of our readers.


I used to do triathlon before. 3 years ago I broke fibers, first in one twin and then in the other. I stopped training and I started climbing. Now I have 31 years and I have been training 4 for months, I am very little by little but still sometimes I notice discomfort in the twins where I had broken.

When it happens to me I give Tecar sessions and it seems that things improve but I do not know what will happen when I increase the intensity and duration of the training because my goals are to return to the triathlon and do ultra marathons...

My doubts are: in an ultrasound that I did recently you see scars where the injuries were, Would I be badly healed? What can I do to avoid the discomfort or even repeat the injury?

On the other hand, I read in forums comments from people with a similar problem that due to the constant inconveniences they were forced to stop running.r Are fiber breaks so definitive? Can I meet my goals ?.

Thank you.

David Serra Responds

Hello Jesus, you do well to be prudent and I see that you do things right, although in principle you should not have too many problems to achieve your goals.

 No doubt the annoyances that you refer are due to the adhesions of the old injuries that perhaps you did not treat properly at the time. You must go on training with progressivity and combining the race on foot with the bicycle, it is interesting to mobilize a lot of blood in those cufflinks to elasticize and reinforce them.

Tecar sessions are a good treatment that you can complement from time to time, to eliminate those adhesions. Take care of food and general physical conditioning. If you do massage that does not tighten you too much in the twins, they are very delicate and you have to take care of them.

Cheer up!

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