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Causes and solutions for femoropatellar syndrome

It is a syndrome that has characteristic pain in the anterior aspect of the knee.

El femoropatellar syndrome is related to problems in the articular cartilage that is under the kneecap due to the friction of the patella with the femur and the tibia.

Our collaborator the Fisiopinar Clinic, tells us in this article the causes, symptoms and possible solutions of this injury.

The origin can be anatomical, due to a malalignment of the knee (such as excessive valgus) or a biomechanical alteration of the feet; It may be due to traumatism in the kneecap, or to continuous repetitive movements (flexion-extension). Many cyclists and runners suffer from this syndrome.

The symptoms are mainly as we have commented previously andThe pain in the anterior aspect of the knee that can be extended to the poplitean region. You can also study with inflammation, rigidity y limitation to movement, due to the pressure that is noticed. Usually the muscle weakness of the quadriceps. The patient refers pain when going down and up stairs, or after a prolonged flexion in time. It is a more frequent lesion in women.


The treatment is oriented to decrease pain and inflammation in acute phase with Hyperthermia, Cryotherapy, and others analgesic and anti-inflammatory measures. Then we will continue with hyperthermia to vascularize the area and improve flexibility; stretches y progressive quadriceps empowerment, especially of the vast internal that the main muscle that recentra the patella.

It would be convenient check the sports shoes and make an ebiomechanical study of the tread to indicate if we need templates, or if we already have them, review them. It would also be interesting review our career technique and the position we have on the bike, in case there should be any changes. And as always we recommend stretching and heating before and after the exercise.

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