Overload in the Isquitibiales? we tell you how to fix it

As usual David Serra TN collaborator in the section of TRIFISIO responds to the inquiries of our readers.


Lately the ischiums hurt me a lot, I went to the Physio and he told me that he was super charged, I did a download session and after three days I went running, having the same pain.


I went to another Physio, and this one also downloaded to me but it did me a lot of damage, I ran to the 5 days and the pain still persists. I do not know what to do, on Monday I start the Barcelona marathon preparation and I am a bit discouraged.



David Serra Responds:

Hi David, do not worry about the account anymore since your problem is very common and if you more or less control it, it is difficult for you to injure yourself to stop running.


What you must do is combine the bicycle with the running so as not to overload the muscles so much, you can run a marathon with three or four race sessions a week if you add a couple of bike sessions.


It is advisable that you do not stop training, but in a more moderate way in terms of intensity and volume, give priority to the bike and stretch moderately when three weeks have passed.


It is also very important that you strengthen the core or the abdominals, performs hipropesivos every day. If you go to the Physio from time to time that you do some leg discharge massage. You will see how little by little, although irregularly the sensations begin to improve.




David Serra


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