Do you usually have overloads and do not finish recovering? David Serra replies

Our collaborator David Serra answers the question that one of our readers sent us:

I have been suffering from overloads in the hamstring of my right leg. and my physio can't get me in shape. To top it all I start to have plantar fasciitis problems. 

How could you solve these problems? well they have me crazy. I try to stretch after training.



David Serra Responds

Hello Julio, the first thing you have to find out is if you have one leg shorter than the other, if your right leg is you have to get a boost and the problems disappear.


La Plantar fasciitis and the overload of the ischium are related, that is, the entire limb must be treated in a global way. Surely your body does not work symmetrically and you would have to try to compensate this imbalance by reinforcing the weak parts of your body and stretching or relaxing where there are tensions.


Go to your trusted physio and make a simple plan of exercises for this purpose. On the other hand, Tecatherapy would be a very effective treatment in the initial phase to remove pain and relax muscular tensions. Good luck,

David Serra


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