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Test: checks the alignment of the body to influence sports performance

A vertically aligned posture can positively influence your performance.

Rate the vertical alignment of the body It can help you to know your imbalances y strengths, so that you correct the first and potencies the second.

It is known that having a Vertically aligned posture, from the head to the feet, it seems optimize the distribution of weight in the body.

Be aligned vertically, at a biomechanical level, will allow a optimization of your effort and some joints will work betterYou will load less lumbar, quadriceps, ischium, tibia muscles, foot muscles, etc.

 Vertical Alignment Test

Here are some actions that will help you improve your performance:

Rate your status

 Before know how you run or how you walk, if you do not know it, you should value your state: how can you do it?

  1. You put on backs against a wall.
  • The heels must touch the wall
  • The buttocks must touch the wall
  • The thoracic area must touch the wall
  • The head must touch the wall
  1. Try to keep, without forcing, in that position a couple of minutes.
  • If it is difficult for you to maintain the position, let the body move, but do not leave the site.

After those 2 minutes, I ask you:

  1. Have you been able to position yourself in the position?
  2. Have you been able to keep all the areas I told you (feet, pelvis, thorax, skull) in contact with the wall?
  3. Has only one of these zones moved on one side?
  4. Do you keep a vertical or horizontal look?
  5. Is the pressure on your feet the same?
  6. Is the pressure on the front of the foot equal to the pressure on the back?

What does your position tell you?

All the above points can give you different information about your position:

  • They can tell you that from your feet to your head you can not reach a line, not even for a single moment.
  • They can tell you that some of these structures (pelvis, thoracic cavity, skull) can not be aligned in relation to your feet and the others.
  • They tell you that you have differences between one side of the body and the other in the same structure.
  • They tell you that in order for your body to be vertically aligned, if you can not keep your eyes horizontal, your cervical makes a great effort and can not maintain horizontality.
  • They tell you that if the pressure you feel on your feet is different, it is because you put more weight on one foot than another.
  • It tells you that you may be carrying more of the front of the feet than the back, or the other way around.

Later, if it is you impossible to maintain this position, it's important to know what makes you stay away from the vertical. Knowing the reasons (the true why) allows to work on them; that is to say work on the origin and not on the result. An example of this that I tell you would be: the reason for that the pelvis separates from the wall can be on the feet. In this case, one would have to work on the feet and their connection to the pelvis.

Can the position affect performance in sports?

By supuesto yes Be in a Posture position close to vertical makes the body work more efficiently. When the body is close to the vertical it can move more easily on all sides. On the other hand, when it is not close to the vertical (for example, more advanced), there are structures that are constantly working to maintain that vertical, which implies that they do not rest. In addition, being very moved to a position, prevents a rapid movement to the opposite position.

If you're a runner, you can value what I say changing the position of your trunk and see how it affects the legs. Another way is Put a backpack on your back or chest and see how it affects your legs or your supports differently. You will move more weight towards one leg or towards the other, depending on how you put the backpack.

The same happens when you have one position or another: it's as if you carry a backpack or in one or the other position.

Having a vertically aligned posture can influence your performance. To know how you have your position you must value it and this will bring you the information so you can change what what you must change

If you want to know the concept of movement that I apply, you can get more information at www.exploramovimiento.com

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