Do you need to relieve tension in the Patellar Tendon? Compex Webtech can help you

The best combination of materials and technology is in Compex Webtech Patella

The ball stabilizer Compex Webtech has an innovative system that helps to alleviate the pains in the anterior part of the knee associated with sports pathologies, overuse injuries or premature symptoms of degenerative lesions

The unique patented system with silicone net structure works to align and protect the joint, acting as a buffer which distributes the pressure on the quadriceps tendon and the patellar


The ergonomic pad provides a optimal and comfortable fit while the lycra mesh reduces the risk of chafing

Compared with the WebTech Kneecap, the WebTech Patella is approximately an 50 mms shorter ms, what makes it ideal for the symptoms of tendonitis that tend to suffer runners and jumpers among others

The elasticity of silicone helps absorb impacts and distribute pressure

The silicone membranes surround and stabilize the kneecap to ensure a correct alignment

Bilateral joints provide stability by ensuring mobility

Mesh back for a maximum comfort and breathability

Ergonomic and lightweight design for a optimal setting

Anti-displacement technology for prevent the knee brace from sliding

Reflective to increase visibility

Pocket for keys and cards

These are some of the characteristics of this knee brace

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