GRD. Pola on Fire (Santa Pola, Alicante)

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GRD. Pola on Fire

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Santa Pola



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Annual quota:

20 €

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Cortés Design and Labeling, Fher Fotos Photo Studio, Irish Coffee Busmills, Zeta Engineering and Architecture Group, Saint James Pub, Paquito Bicimotos, Jam Nutrition, Joaquín and Gertrudis Butcher, Ingloberal Engineering Services, CCV Amorós Vital Clinic Center, Vitalgrana.

The club

POLA ON FIRE started its journey in Santa Pola (Alicante) during the 2013 year, in a simple and unexpected way, when a group of friends from Santa Pola created a WhatsApp group with which to meet to go running for the sole purpose of Get fit and surely do a race once in a while.

Little by little, this group of friends who met to go out to run was growing and the decision was made to give it a more serious touch, looking for a name that defined us, registering as GRD (Sports Recreation Group), designing our first logo and our first shirt, with which we would debut as a team the 29 of June of 2013 in the first night race "10k Villa de Santa Pola".

Since our debut as a team, the idea of ​​doing a race from time to time has evolved, marking us as an objective to participate in all the races we can and extending not only to athletics races, but also to duathlons, triathlons, swimming, ...

Among all we want to make POLA ON FIRE a great team, with which to improve as athletes and as people.

GRD. Pola on Fire

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