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10 useful notes on the Regulation for your first duathlon.

Do you want to compete in a duathlon? It's easy you just have to propose, train and participate in one of the countless tests that exist in the national territory.

But apart from having all the above, you have to take into account the regulation. We compete under rules that ensure equality and security for all.

We always know someone who can guide us in this duathlon, but from triathlon news we want to help you with some basic notions of the duathlon regulation.

  1. Remember that to be able to move to the transition zone and leave your bike you will have to identify yourself, so do not forget to take your ID so that the officers can verify your identity.
  2. Whenever you ride a bike, you'll have to wear the helmet on.
  3. If you have MTB, check that your handlebar is properly plugged, since for safety reasons they will not let you compete if they are not correctly.
  4. Couplings are allowed, but as long as they do not exceed the outer ends of the brake levers (if you do not comply with them they will force you to remove them)
  5. During the race it is forbidden to listen to music, carry mobile phones, etc.
  6. Take a look at the test route, the way to enter and exit the transition zone, the number of laps you have to do on each circuit, etc. (the officers do not always know the whole circuit).
  7. The number must always be visible, on the bike make sure you have it on your back, and in the race ahead. (You can try a race number belt)
  8. Do not forget to put on your helmet before taking the bike, it carries a warning. And when you go to leave the bike do not take it off until you hang it on the fence.
  9. Be attentive to the judge before riding and dismount the bike, In the competition there will be an officer with a flag that will indicate that from that point you can mount / dismount the bike.
  10. You can not run bare-chested or with your helmet (it's not hard to see people who forget to take off their helmets when leaving the bike)

For more information on the competition regulations visit this link

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