Tips for swimming in open water

One of the most difficult things to assimilate of a triathlete is to swim in open water, since we are used to swimming in a pool, where everyone comes and goes in addition to maintaining a certain order and respect in each street.

In open water this is not the case, everyone goes out at the same time, and wants to get the best position to better turn the buoys and for this they swim at full speed without stopping to observe the people next to them, that's why there are blows, kicks, flying glasses, subsidence, etc.

Our advice, is that if it is your first participation in a triathlon let everyone go out first, and gradually take your swimming pace to avoid that bad experience of the blows, and eels that may happen to you

Here you have a series of useful tips when facing swimming in open water.

  • Before you go swimming, take a own swimming cap Apart from that of the organization, put on your hat, then the glasses and finally the hat of the organization, so you will avoid losing the glasses if an incident occurs.
  • The first, look for your rhythm, Try to be comfortable and visualize participants of your same level.
  • In the pool, Try to breathe on both sides, since sometimes, in open waters you will be forced to breathe from one side or the other, for example in the sea. Since if the waves always come to the side that you are accustomed to breathing it will be very difficult not to swallow water.
  • Once you are located and comfortable, plan the rest of the swim, and try if you can accelerate the pace to get out of the water as soon as possible.
  • Remember to orient yourself, and each 3-6 strokes takes the head out to see if you are going in the right direction, if you are going in a group, it will be easier for you since you can feel the triathlete that goes ahead and you will not need to orient yourself every little time, that Yes, it will have to be well oriented.
  • During your pool workouts, enter the simulation of Orient each 5 stroke, so the situation in the competition will not be unknown to you.
  • If you ever swallow water, you feel the choking sensation, etc., stop or swim on a breaststroke / back for a while and get your breath back, you will quickly feel good again and be able to swim normally again.
  • Keep in mind one thing, you will always be monitored by the organization / officers / civil protection. If you have any mishap, and you cannot continue, raise your arm so that they see you and they will quickly go after you. Sometimes it is best to stop swimming, float a little, recover and swim slowly again.
  • If you take Neoprene, you will realize that you have a lot more buoyancy, so you can recover without losing a lot of energy.

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