Recommendations before, during and after training by Victory Endurance

Pre-competition feeding

We must overcome the temptation not to eat breakfast. We have to replace the carbohydrates consumed during sleep, especially at the liver level. Breakfast, made at least 90 min before the 08: 00 h, must contain 2g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight, and consist of regular foods rich in carbohydrates: toast, cereals, orange juice, bananas, etc ... low in fat and fiber. The Endurance Bar energy bars 85g Victory Endurance, are a good choice.

We must not forget hydration. It is very important to hydrate well the hour before the start of the competition: better commercial sports drinks slightly diluted with water, such as Iso Energy from Victory Endurance. The advantage of the triathlon is that if we "overdo it" with hydration, we can always get rid of the excess liquid in the water. A firm recommendation: do not hydrate with just water, please... not at that moment... if we get nervous, we can cause an inappropriate dilution.

During the competition

It is essential to consume 1 g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight, in each hour of exercise. This is equivalent to a few 60-80 g of carbohydrates every hour, for most of us.

What to drink? What each of us has tried before and does well In gels we can highlight: Energy Boost Gel and Pump Gel from Victory Endurance. As for bars: Endurance Bar 85g Victory Endurance, are also recommended nuts and bananas, combined with our energy drink: Iso Energy Victory Endurance line.
Each one what works best for you, as long as we take the necessary amount.

Regarding hydration, I recommend that you drink every 20 min a little (150-200ml) of your favorite drink, rather than wait to drink a lot every hour. It absorbs better and interferes less with exercise.

During the race it is harder to eat food, so energy drinks and gels are the most recommended (beware of carbonated drinks, they are not recommended!).

When we start running, we won't have finished the triathlon yet, so don't relax. Continue applying good hydration at regular intervals (every 20-30 min... and if it's not hot, every 30-40 min is fine)... and little volume (150-200 ml). Another thing: Never think that by stopping for a moment to drink you are going to waste a lot of time, because the reality is that we will hydrate ourselves more correctly than if we are "spilling" liquid while trying to drink as we run. Our body will appreciate this, since hydration is essential for our health.

Ergogenic aids

Branched chain amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine).
2 capsules in the middle of the bike, and other 2 at the beginning of the race. Amino Recovery of Victory Endurance, BCAA's of the Victory line and Total Recovery Victory Endurance line.

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