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Triconsejos by Llibert Fortuny, the right hand of Miquel Blanchart

In this year's edition of the Ecotrimad, we were lucky enough to meet the right hand of the winner of the Miquel Blanchart test, Llibet Fortuny. This triathlete and music professional, trains daily with him, being an invaluable help so that Miquel can achieve his goals, which has been demonstrated by the excellent progression he is achieving in these last two years.

Name: Llibert Fortuny i Cendra

Club: SBR

Collaborators: zerod, compressport, GU

Most representative results:

3o Long Distance Spain Championships age group 30-34

3 tips to train better:

- Water: I think there are many people who do not pay the importance that swimming has in triathlon especially if you do long, I think it is important to vary the series according to the time of the season as well as the volume

- Cycling: Strength series help me a lot, especially uphill, I am not a very climber and it helps me gain confidence. for example ten minutes, several repetitions.

- Race on foot: In my case, in the long run and I personally being a sooo slow tractor, I really like to work real race rhythms with long series. 20 ′ or 30 ′ series at race pace. It also helps me to get to know myself and also manage the therma of food etc ...

3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

- Water: Vaseline for the neck.

- Cycling: Tire pressure depending on the characteristics of the Circuit.

- Race on foot: Visor

3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

- Water: Warm very well mobility in general, neck, arms, etc. before water, many times with the nerves we miscalculate.

- Cycling: Eat and drink in small portions every 20 ′

- Running race: For me it is essential to know my rhythm and not skip the day of the race, dose

3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

I should apply them!

1.- take protein

2.- continue with hydration

3.- Stretching or mobility.

Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

1.- With the balloons that I catch I always lose something, the glasses the gps etc ... my great misfortune

Objectives 2012

Half challenge Maresme, World vitoria age groups, and Challenge Barcelona

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