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Club: Marville Triathlon Club

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Sponsors: Inverse, Marville Triathlon Club, Victory Konquest, Compressport and Victory Endurance.

Collaborators: Sands Beach Resort, Ekoï, Zone 3, Citec, Max's System, Indiba activ, Nike, Creu Groga, David Serra Fisioterapia,, USE and More Sports.

Most representative results:

  • 2011 ITU Cros Triathlon European Champion.
  • ITU ITU Duathlon 2011 World Champion
  • 2011 ITU Duathlon European Runner-up.
  • Winner of the Alpe D'Huez Long Distance Triathlon 2011.
  • 3º in the Ironman distance Triathlon Embrunman 2010 and 2011.
  • 4º in the Challenge Barcelona Costa Maresme 2011.

3 tips to train better:

-          Water: training from time to time in sea, swamp or lake, using neoprene to adapt and / or know the environment that you will find on triathlon day. Doing some cruise can also come well.

-          Cycling: Having a device to count watios for example can help you to be consistent in the effort made on the bike and also be an objective data.

-          Race on foot: train the race on foot having missed at least 2h-2h30 'since the last intake.

3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

-          Water: Petroleum jelly and some plastic bag to make it easier to put on the neoprene if it is neoprene.

-          Cycling: some rubber bands to hold the cycling shoes on the bike at the moment of the transition.

-          Race on foot: cap if it's going to be a very sunny day.

3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

-          Water: Do not forget to always go in search of the ball and not only follow the group.

-          Cycling: Hydrate and feed well, since sometimes in the cycling sector is the only segment in which we can do more "comfortably."

-          Race on foot: Control our pace well for the distance in which we compete, do not forget about hydration and always carry some extra gel just in case ...

3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

  1. To recover well and as soon as possible, the first thing is an adequate water replacement, with an isotonic drink, replacement of carbohydrates and intake of proteins, amino acids ...
  2. A cold water bath (not extremely cold), especially in lower extremities, and after this, put on compression stockings to facilitate venous return.
  3. Give care to our muscles, either with a gentle massage after finishing the test, accompanied also by gentle stretching.

Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

Although I thought that everyone knew that after a competition the massage should be smooth ... it turned out not to be like that!

One day, after finishing a distance test Ironman I went to the massage area, extremely tired and battered by the test to give me a little "mimos" to help me recover. But it turned out that what I found was not what I expected! There I was attended by a group of young physiotherapy students, who I imagine are bored by the wait, and in their eagerness to help (I want to think) they started massaging me between 4 (one on each leg and two for the back) as if they had to take away all the contractures that were in my body, giving me such a beating that I almost fainted on the stretcher.

Objectives of Victor in the 2012

  • IM Lanzarote
  • Embrunman
  • European Championship of Triathlon Cros
  • XTERRA Maui World

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