Triconsejos by Xavi Llobet

This week in the triconsejos section is the turn of Xavi Llobet who was Olympic triathlete in Athens 2004.



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Most representative results:

- Olympic Athens 2004

- Campeón Iberoamericano-Jaén 2006

- Champion of absolute Spain 1996

- European and World Team Champion (2002-2003)

- 3º ITU Cup Murakami (JAP) 2000

- 1º ITU Cup Troutbeck (ZIM) 2007

3 tips to train better:

- Water: Try to familiarize yourself with the aquatic environment, it is important to work the technique in the winter months.

- Cycling: Do a good base job, complemented with a good job to strengthen abdominal and lumbar train.

- Race on foot: Coherent training, of the three sports is the most traumatic and consequently most harmful. Preventing possible injuries must be fundamental. More mileage does not mean safe improvement.

3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

- Water: 2 hats, two glasses and try to see the circuit insitu.

- Cycling: take the bike in perfect condition, take the days before to check it.

- Running on foot: check that the rubber bands / laces or closures are correct. Anes to leave the shoes correctly in the boxes to check that they are perfectly open.

3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

- Water: do not get overwhelmed even if you receive many blows, or caused by the waves seems to be in a washing machine.

- Cycling: take advantage to feed well and try to save strength for the last segment.

- Race on foot: try to go from less to more. Surely we can enjoy the most crossing the line of Meta.

3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

- Rehydrate little by little but without pause. Especially the 1º hour ("Golden Hour")

- Relax with a bath in cold water, or cool your legs with ice ...

- Take the day after to do a good stretching session and try to take a good carbo-protein diet.

Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

In the Spanish Cup circuit that was held, I think that in the 2001, one of the tests was in Vitoria. The team ran En3ko and Héktor Llanos, Ciro Tobar ... And a server. When I arrived at the swamp where the 1er segment was held, about 25kms from the Alava capital, I checked that I left one of the bike shoes. With the consequent attack of nerves, I had to go back to Ciro's house, and come back ...

But in the absence of 12kms traffic was cut by the test, and I had to "build" the bike, apply a time trial dodging cars, arriving just to prepare the boxes, (helped by the organization) and directly to the "pontoon" exit. Fortunately I got to play, but it was a few minutes of maximum stress.

Objectives 2012

ENJOY TRI to the maximum as an athlete and spectator. Try to help all the fans with the multisport. Look for some challenge and if health accompanies prepare it with care. For example: EXTREME MAN MENORCA, WILD WOLF TRIATHLON SERIES in Andorra, Castellón, TRIATLÓN VALENCIA ....

Further information:

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