Triconsejos by David Castro

David Castro has managed at 2015 to be second in the Tongyeong World Cup, in the Spanish Championship and in the Grand Final of Chicago in the Sub23 category

Name: David Castro Fajardo

Home: CAR Joaquin Blume of Madrid

Club: Rodense Triathlon Team (EQ.TR)

Coach: Sergio de Torres, Adrian Ruano and Benito de Torres

Sponsors: Spiuk, Saucony, Trek, Dani Moreno Bicycles

Best 2015 competition: 2º Tongyeong World Cup (South Korea)

Tell us some curious anecdote that happened to you this year: In the podium of the championship of Spain at the time of the champagne over a bottle and I took them and I wet them all again, and also to the electrical circuit and the light went out ... they threw me a bit of anger later ????

A friend in triathlon: I have many

Preferred Rival (With whom you most like to compete): Antonio Benito because we always train together, helping each other ... and in competition I find it strange that we attack. It is fun

Objectives for the 2016 season: European and global sub23 and continue to gain experience in the international elite

Tips to improve swimming: Pay close attention when training speed and changes of pace

Tips to improve cycling: train the go in group and high speeds

Tips to improve the race on foot: do not go much faster than the pace of a triathlon competition

Twitter: @davidcatrotri

Facebook: David Castro Fajardo

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