Triconsejos by Gustavo Rodríguez

Name:   Gustavo Rodríguez Iglesias

Club:  Wild Wolf Cidade de Lugo.




Trek Galicia Bike Store & Trek Spain, Wild Wolf, Gu, Spiuk and Zico.


Most representative results:


-Superlon of Spain Duathlon 2012 and 2013

-9º European Championship Long Distance Duathlon.

-1º I Can Malaga 2013

-1º Ecotrimad 2013

-1º Men's Triathlon Buelna 2013

-1º Triathlon Palmaces 2012 and 2013.


3 tips to train better:


-Do not forget intensity work ... and on flatter ground better, especially with series at the anaerobic threshold. You will see how the legs "sting" more than the rise!

-To catch pace for an important competition I like the workouts after car. The rhythm that leaves you in the legs is impressive.

-And above all enjoy with the training. If one day we do not see each other with enough motivation for a job of specific intensity, better go out for a ride on your favorite circuit enjoying the bike and leave quality training for when we feel like it ... in the long run the performance will appreciate it. In our sport, not saturating yourself and keeping your head fresh is key.


3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test


-The provisioning and drums to leave on the bike.

-Replacement wheels prepared in case the tubular is punctured when arriving at the pits.

-And most importantly, the desire and motivation ... that can never stay at home!


3 things you should not forget to do during the competition


-Beer before thirst and eat before being hungry. The hydration and feeding in race has to be a constant. Normally I let the stomach settle a little after leaving the swim (15-20') ... and from there go eating. Little by little but steadily.

- On the bike do not jump on the climbs and save the strength to throw the bike as soon as that slope, the differences are made in the descents of pedaling and especially by the plain.

-To keep the concentration and not to come down, divide the race into small objectives (each turn, refreshments) and reward yourself when you reach them. In the running race I usually divide the first part of the race in sections of 4km and the second in sections of 2km, and I reward myself with a "Chomps" of Gu (energetic gummy) when reaching them.


3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition


The ideal thing would be to let go a little bit with the bike or swimming weakly, but probably you will not even want to, nor will it be the moment, so my recommendation is:

1º Take the refreshment, drink our favorite cold drink while we think about how hard the competition has been and we throw ourselves in the closest shade to catch our breath.

2º Exchange with colleagues the impressions of the race ... of the style "I do not get to petar in the absence of 5 and I mark the best partial !!!" "For the next I go ahead of you swimming" ... in short, the time to come up! !! jajaj

3º We change clothes, sandwich, beer and enjoy the rest of the day ...

Always in that order!


Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you


Bufffffff in my first Spanish duathlon cto. It was my main goal of the year, I had run the first 10.000 very well, but I came so "blind" to the transition that I came out with the helmet turned inside out. So back to the pits to hang the bike, replace the helmet and penalty box ... the race spoiled!


Objectives 2013-2014


Right now I have the MD of Spain in MD in Posada and the Challenge in Calella.


Further information:

Networks (FB / TW): TW:  @tavotui and Facebook Gustavo Rodríguez Iglesias


There are no previous results.

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