Triconsejos by María Pujol

This week our protagonist in the section of Triconsejos in the Sevillana Maria Pujol

Name: María Pujol Pérez


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Sponsors: La Caseta, Zambru's Bikes, Orbea, Orca, Andevalo Adventure, Viator and SoyRunner

Collaborators: Medilast, Catlike, Eurotri and Victory Endurance


Most representative results:


  • SubCampeona de España 2011 Triathlon Elite
  • Spanish Sprint and Cros 2011 Triathlon Champion
  • BiCampeona of Spain of Acuatlón 2008 and 2010
  • SubCampeona of the University World of Triathlon 2009


3 tips to train better:


  • Good stretches after the session and visit the physiotherapist depending on the load of the training
  • Correct feeding
  • Sleep and rest the necessary hours


3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test


  • Material for the same
  • License or ID
  • You want to give the best of yourself


3 things you should not forget to do during the competition


  • Know where your box and assembly and disassembly lines are
  • Know circuit
  • Be in a physical and mental career


3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition


  • -Recover well on the basis of good hydration, soften swimming or cycling, stretch well but not abruptly and ingest carbohydrates before the 2 h for a proper recovery of muscle glycogen.



Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you


  • My second year of triathlon, I went to the Spanish Duathlon Sub23 Championship in Medina de Pomar (Burgos). In the T2 I was in top positions but the hypothermia I took prevented me from putting on my shoes to go running the 2.5 km, what did I do? Running barefoot!



Objectives 2012-2013

My main objective was to try to qualify for the Olympics, not being possible, I decided a drastic change, leaving international tests and doing the races that I wanted at all times without much planning. The mind needs a little rest.


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