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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Triconsejos by Marta Jiménez

This week it is the turn of the current champion of Spain of Medium Distance Triathlon, Marta Jiménez and recent winner in the Triathlon of Fuente Álamo.


Name: Marta Jiménez

Club: Cidade de Lugo Fluvial

Blog: www.martajimenezjimenez.com, @mars_jimenez and Facebook

Sponsors: Globulonero, Zoot, Spiuk

Collaborators: Usk Team & Management and KeepGoing

Most representative results:

  • Champion of Spain of Triathlon Media Distancia 2012
  • 4º Portugal European Cup 2011
  • 18º Hungarian World Cup 2011
  • 3º World Junior Triathlon 2004 Championship
  • 3º European Championship Junior Triathlon 2003

3 tips to train better:

- Water: Start with a good varied warming that includes paddling and swimming with pull without giving feet to achieve greater sensitivity and grip before starting the series.

- Cycling: Maintain a relaxed cyclist's posture, elbows slightly flexed, as the tension only has to be present in the legs during the pedaling.

- Race: Stretches before and after training to avoid injuries and run with greater flexibility and lightness.

3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test:

- Water: A small bottle of water that you can then throw in the trash in order to drink after heating to remove the taste of salt and stay hydrated before the start of the triathlon, especially if it is a very hot day.

- Cycling: The helmet and nutrition. If it is a sprint with water, it will suffice, but the longer the triathlon, the more we have to drink and eat if we do not want that to happen to us running.

- Career: Pour talcum powder on the shoes and spread a little Vaseline on the part where they make chafing so that we can run without discomfort and avoid blisters.

3 things that you should not forget to do during the competition:

- Water: Look. Raise your head frequently to guide you if you do not want to take a walk along the coast.

- Cycling: Fight. If drafting is allowed, do not disconnect and relax by going to the wheel, and if it is without drafting, keep your concentration.

- Race: Cansarte. The best feeling of a competition is to reach empty and tired goal; do it and enjoy.

3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition:

- Drink water.

- Maintain a good sporting character. Whether you are happy with the result or not, be kind and respectful with the rest of the competitors as well as with the volunteers and organizers.

- Release a little soft and stretches, the next day your body will appreciate it.

Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you:

There are many, but to make known a little how they live in other countries, I remember the aquathlon of New York, about the distance of 1.5km swimming and running 5km, which went to the 7 in the morning and there we were in the pits at 6 He was swimming in the Hudson River, which was 20º, and it was without neoprene but you had the option to swim with him and not opt ​​for medals. There were many people with the philosophy of wanting to enjoy and swim with neoprene without giving importance to the podium. The dorsal was very small and since I did not have dorsal rubber, I had to attach it with safety pins to a shoelace and tie it to my waist in the transition. The boxes were painted with chalk on the asphalt and during the race on foot the other competitors encouraged me also when I crossed paths with them even though they did not know me at all.

2012 objectives: World Cups of ITU Triathlon, triathlons without drafting of the 5150 series and the Spanish championships.

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