Triconsejos by Miriam Casillas

Miriam is one of our young triathletes with a great future in triathlon




Name: Miriam Casillas García

Home: Madrid

Club: Ferrol Triathlon Club

Coach: Sergio De Torres 

Sponsors: Scholarships Podium, Mizuno, Ayto de Badajoz, Antolin Refills.

Best 2015 competition: Alanya World Cup

Tell us some curious anecdote that happened to you this year:

The "meninas" in China; On the trip from Chengdu, China (World Cup) to Yokohama, Japan (World Series) Ainhoa ​​Murua, Tamara Gómez and I were traveling with a stopover in Shanghai, after waiting a few hours at the airport, our flight was cancelled, we had to spend the night in Shanghai waiting to be put on a new flight the next morning, but up to that point we didn't think there would be a problem.

With our bikes on our shoulders, we were the slowest at the airport and to get on the bus that took us to the hotel we had to put in a few elbows and even Ainhoa ​​showed her “baddest” vein. Once at the hotel, the language, as it usually happens in China, was a tremendous problem and after managing to understand that we would leave at 5 in the morning the next day, we fell asleep somewhat restlessly (especially "the sleepyheads" Tamara and I, who We fully trusted our faithful alarm: Ainhoa ​​Murua).

At about 4.45 we went down to reception ready to get on the bus on the way to the airport, once downstairs we found all our flight companions, (almost 100% Chinese nationals) already on the bus with bad faces towards us, for Of course, our bikes didn't fit in the trunk and we had to carry them upstairs and we were given some “comfortable” seats on the stairs to get on the bus.

When we arrived at the airport we thought we could get off the bus calmly with our bikes but, and without being a surprise anymore, our fellow travelers started jumping over our bikes. And that's how my first experience in China ended. The truth is that this year has been a year full of anecdotes, but I leave the others for another occasion.

A friend in triathlon: My faithful travel companion, events and training David Castro Fajardo (although putting just one, it falls short ...) 

Objectives for the 2016 season: Classification Rio Olympic Games 2016, World Triathlon.

Tips to improve swimming:

- Focus on improving the frequency
- Swimming in open water and in a group
- Be very consistent daily

Tips to improve cycling:

- Carry out field work and varied and free group rhythm
- Carry a comfortable and effective position on the bike

Tips to improve the race on foot:

- Not only do isolated workouts but also after the bike
- Perform injury prevention and general strengthening exercises

Triathlon that you have not been able to run yet and would like to participate sometime:

Alphe D'Huez

Twitter: @miriamcasillasg
Facebook: Miriam Casillas García

Photo: ITU

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