Triconsejos by Natalia Raña

We continue with the Triconsejos section, where some of the best triathletes will give us advice on triathlon. This time it is the turn of Natalia Raña.


Club: Imps from Rivas

Networks (FB):!/profile.php?id=1634717757

Most representative results:

-8ª European Championship Sub-23 2002 (Antalya-Turkey)

-3ª ITU-EVENT Azores. 2004

-8ª 2004 University World Championship Palma Mallorca.

-1ª Championship of Spain University of Triathlon. 2004

-2ª Championship of Spain of Acuatlón. Ferrol 2005

-14ª Cross Triathlon World Championship. The ring. Cáceres 2011

-1ª Duathlon Championship Community of Madrid. 2011

-2ª Championship of Spain by Autonomous Selections. Águilas (Murcia) 2011

-3ª Duathlon Spanish Championship. Soria 2011

-2ª Galician Cross Country Championship. Rivadavia 2011.

3 tips to train better:

- Water: A good technique is essential. Without her, no matter how much she swims, we can get stuck. Try to find someone who can help us in this regard, even once a week.

-Biking: Whenever we can in a “grupeta” The training is more fun and the kilometers fall alone.

-Race on foot: For me last season it has worked very well for me to perform athlete's training: multi-skirts, short and steep slopes, short series (I rarely did longer 800m series) In the long shoots I made rhythm changes similar to the 1000 series- 3000m

3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

-Water: Comfortable glasses with protection, neoprene (even summer)

-Biking: Sneakers and helmet.

-Race on foot: Sneakers.

3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

- Water: See the placement of the buoys and know a little how the currents go if it is a river / beach or beach.
- Biking: Take a clear reference of where it is placed in the box.
- Race on foot: Leave without fear of the transition but always keeping a little point to not explode. We get off the bike, if we have training we can keep up the strong pace from the beginning.

3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

- Put on some coat, take off your sweaty clothes and if I can with wet wipes I wipe my sweat.

-Hidratarse and eat something.

-Enjoy the environment at the end of the test ... (We will stretch the next day, the muscle is very sensitive to perform very demanding stretches at the end of the competition)

2012 objectives:

- Recover from my injury to the Achilles Tendon and then enjoy the races in which I participate.

You can follow Natalia in:!/profile.php?id=1634717757


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