Triconsejos by Víctor del Corral

Victor gives us his best advice to improve the practice of Triathlon




Name: Victor M. Del Corral Morales

Residence: Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote.

Club: TriActiv Lanzarote

Coach/ a: Alvaro Rancé

Sponsors: Inverse, Cannondale, Sands Beach, TomTom, Compressport, CAT Systems, Tri Activ, Victory Endurance, Rudy Project, 3T Cycling, Inov8, DMT, Sailfish

Best 2015 competition: 2º IM France, Nice.

Tell us some curious anecdote that has happened to you in 2015:

The first trips of the season are always special and this year was no exception ...

In January we went to Dubai, training there by bike is complicated so we went by taxi to some bike circuits that are on the outskirts of the city, in one of them we had to wait several hours after training to return to the hotel and that the taxis did not come to look for us and there was no one to take us.

The return flight was also an odyssey, the first flight arrived late in Madrid, with the hurry to catch the flight to Lanzarote we left a suitcase in the other terminal, and when we arrived to check in they told us that we could not do it because it made a minute they had closed ... In the end things of travel ...

A friend in triathlon:

It would not be fair to name only one friend, I am lucky to share the passion for triathlon with many friends.

Preferred Rival (With whom you most like to compete):

I do not think of rivals when competing, but to do my best race from start to finish. I always like to compete with the best.

Objectives for the 2016 season:

To be able to train well, continuously, without injuries and to recover the level of previous seasons.

Advice to improve in the three disciplines:

Work force at the gym doing exercises more generic to the most specific of each discipline, both exercises with the weight of our own body as weight.

Tips to improve swimming:

Analyze our mistakes and focus on correcting them, especially in winter forget about the times in which we are swimming, you have to swim better if we want to go faster.

Tips to improve cycling:

 Work different intensities and do it in different terrains (flat, undulated, ports ...), as well as work the pedaling cadence and the driving technique, for this last one we can go very well to train with the MTB or the cyclocross bike.

Victor del Corral


Tips to improve the walking race:

Improve our stability with proprioception exercises, perform career technique work to improve stride, which will help us to be faster and more efficient.

Triathlon that you have not been able to run yet and it would make youto illusionto participate sometime:

Wildflower Triathlon, has always called me the area where it is made and the atmosphere that is breathed, very natural and authentic.






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