10 examples of workouts to do on the roller

It is an excellent tool to improve performance

 If you are one of the athletes who have a trainer at home, you can complete training sessions throughout the year regardless of the hours and the weather.

In addition, having a roller is a way to ensure fast and safe workouts at home, being a great tool to maintain shape, give that necessary "spark" or control and test the rhythms to give everything on the asphalt.

In addition, thanks to the various virtual training platforms training on the roller is no longer so "boring" as you can virtually compete with other cyclists.

Excellent tool to improve performance

In this article we are going to talk about several trainings that you can do on the roller, to offer you alternatives that allow you to improve thanks to your training.

To do so, we recommend the brand rollers Zycle, with its model ZPRO, one of the best-selling rollers on the market and 100% compatible with the main virtual cycling companies such as Bkool or Zwift.

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To do these workouts correctly, we recommend doing a FTP test to be able to identify the zones Z1, Z2, Z3….

10 training sessions to do with the roller

Zycle Smart ZPro Roller Review
Zycle Smart ZPro Roller Review


Quality work in short sessions with controlled series

Z2 15´ + 3x (Z3 12 '+ rec. 5') + Z2 15 '

HIIT training

Z2 15´ + Z3 10´ + rec. 5´ + 4x [5x (30 ″ butt + 30 ″ rec) + REC 5´] + Z2 10´

Training with low time availability

3x (Z2 21 '+ Z2 3' + Z4 2 '+ Z5 1' + Sprint 10 ”)

Regenerative work after busy days

1 hour Extensive aerobic work in Z2

Training in bad weather

Z2 15´ + 3x (Z3 12 '+ rec. 5') + Z2 15 '

Cool down after a running session

Running session + 40 'Z2, average cadence around 90 pedals per minute.

High cadences sessions

Z2 10 + 4 X (Supracadence 3´ + Z2 7´) + Z2 10´

Pedaling to one leg

Z2 10 + 4 x (5 'soft + 4' medium + 2 'hard) Alternating each block with one leg +6 15' Z2

Pyramid training

Z2 15´ + Pyramid Series 2x [(Z3 5´ + Z4 3´ + Z5 2´ + Z6 1 '+ Z5 2´ + Z4 3´ + Z3 5´) + rec 5´] + Z2 10´

Roller + Core

Z2 15´ + 3x (Z3 12 '+ rec. 5') + Z2 15 '+ Core: 20 minutes

How much does one hour of roller training equal?

In general, a relationship can be established between training on a roller with outdoor training, if you train only 1 hour on a roller it will be like riding on the road 1: 10-15, as long as it is flat, without crossings, etc.

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