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2 test to put you to the test of 10k SKECHERS: «North vs South and #MadridSePica»

The test will be held next June 16

The objective of the race Madrid North South by Skechers is getting closer and we've already several weeks of hard work, it's time to know what we have advanced with a couple of simple tests that will allow you to know the progress of your preparation.

Before we begin we tell you that these tests are based on professional experience and the response to them may depend on the experience of each athlete to perform tests that imply a maximum or submaximal effort.

Look for an athletics track or flat terrain to perform them.

Test of 3 + 2 + 1

First we advise you to make a Warming up of a few 10-15 minutes followed by short series of progressive speed.

Then you must perform 3Km, then 2Km and finally 1Km, leaving a minute of rest between each series and trying to take the maximum possible pace in each of them.

Record the time taken in each series and take the global average rhythm of the 3 series to estimate a approximate average rate for your 10Km.

Test 10 × 200 meters

As in the previous test, you must first perform an adequate warm-up to the subsequent work. The test consists of perform 10 series of 200 meters at the maximum possible speed maintained in all the series, taking as reference of rest a 1 relationship: 1, it decir, You must rest the same time you spend doing the series.

Only if you are able to maintain a relatively constant rhythm in all the series can you get an approximate idea of ​​your rhythm for the 10Km extrapolating the seconds to minutes.

For example, if your series of 200 meters are made to 40 ", your 10Km will be around the 40 minutes.

Remember that for good and bad, training is not an exact science, there are many external and internal factors that can influence your fitness on the day of the test. So try to minimize them to the maximum (hydration, feeding, rest, etc.) and if the results are not what you expected, keep working hard to achieve your goal!

Further information:

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos Sports Director

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

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