3 Training for cycling for an hour and a half for when there is no time to train

Our collaborator cycling and performance, give us in this article vseveral trainings for maximize physiological adaptationss associated with the intensity of work we use

They already gave us in another article some training sessions  of 1 hour for when we don't have time to go out with the bike and now they offer us some of 1: 30 so that we can adapt when we have to train and we can't go rolling

The intensity, the most important part

Is the key training key, when there is little time, the intensity is the most important. Intensity management will be the most important part of these training plans.

Obviously yes intensity is the most important part Being able to measure and control it correctly is essential. Here we must remember again that the only really reliable and effective way to do it is with a potentiometer.

These 1 sessions: 30 time that They are designed to maximize physiological adaptations associated with work intensity that we use We must bear in mind that throughout the season we will change the sessions.

This type of Session could be done between 2 and 4 times during the week for a total of 3-4 sessions per week. If we can do more than 4 sessions the extras will be done with smooth shoots.

3 training sessions







Tips for applying them

Each month or every 6 week we will choose two express sessions, interspersing those of 1 hour and those of 1: 30 trying to follow the guidelines we have given about when and how much.

If you can suddenly train more than 4 days in a row to the fifth session of recovery or if you anticipate that after that session you will have several days in a row without being able to train do session of Z3.

If you spend more than 8 days without training, return to the activity with 1 week of Z3 sessions and short sprints.

If you have competitions in sight, prioritize the Z4 and Z3 session, if you have Master races, prioritize Z5 and short sprints. In Competitive Period do not spend more than 2 weeks without doing CRI session.

Further information: https://www.ciclismoyrendimiento.com/ 

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