3 workouts to improve pedaling cadence on the bike

We collect some training sessions to learn how to improve our pedaling cadence.

The channel GCN in Spanish He has posted a new video on his channel, where he tells us that it is thepedaling adencia, the benefits it has and how to improve it. We show you some sessions to take advantage of pedaling quickly and agilely.

In this video, they give us the tools to increase your cadence. Remember uA high cadence may not make you faster on the bike in the short term, but with training you can discover that this really cough will help in the long term.

youtube video

1 training

Objective to shoot at high rate and improve aerobic endurance

  • Heating minutes 15, 85 RPM

5 blocks minutes

  • To 50-70% FTP (90-95 RPM)
  • Last 45-60 seconds 110-125 RPM

2 training

I work at a very high rate

6 Blocks

  • 30 seconds to 130 RPM
  • 30 seconds to 90 RM

10 'break between blocks

* Important not to throw on the saddle, always pedaled round

3 training

Session recovery high cadence recover workout harder

It can be done on the roller, on the return home or on an easy road

Roll in Z1 to 95-100 RPM

We hope that with these tips you can learn to be a better cyclist and triateta.

Photo: Youtube

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