3 tests to find out your fitness and training rhythms

In this article we collect 4 simple tests so that you can know your state of form in Cycling y .

Cycling test

FTP or UPF test of the 20 minutes

This test consists of trying to Maintain maximum effort maintained for a minimum interval of 15-20 ′. For this, the ideal scenarios to do it could be:

  • Mountain pass that had that minimum duration and not too much difference in level (3-4% max)
  • Velodrome
  • Flat circuit without traffic or dangerous curves
  • Smart Roller

If you do it outdoors (you need a potentiometer) note that you have to choose a stable day, without meteorological circumstances can affect the result (wind, rain, etc.)

Through this test, we can apply the training zones to the following parameters, counting on the corresponding measurement systems:

  • Heart Rate (fc)
  • Power (w)
  • Speed ​​(km / h)

After carrying out this test, obtaining the average of the three previous parameters and starting from that FTP As 100%, we could apply the data obtained using the following table to determine the training zones

Example: 300 watts

Formula: (Test result) x 0.95 = Maximum average power

300 watts x 0,95 = 285 watts will be your maximum average power that you can maintain for one hour of effort.


First Name

Average power (% FTP)

% FC



Active recovery






56 – 75

69 – 83

2 – 3



76 – 90

84 – 94

3 – 4


Lactate or Anaerobic Threshold

91 – 105

95 – 105

4 – 5


Aerobic power (VO2max)

106 – 120

> 106

6 – 7


Anaerobic capacity

121 – 150

N / A



Neuromuscular power

N / A

N / A



Foot race test

1-Test of 2km in CARRERA (Evaluation of the maximum aerobic speed (VAM)).

2.000 m will be made. of race at maximum capacity, measuring the average speed of said test. In this way we determine the VAM.

The maximum aerobic speed is the stroke speed reached when the oxygen consumption is maximum.

Determining this speed will be useful for us to be able to carry out personalized training rhythms accurately, since all the rhythms are worked at a certain% of the VAM.


  • 10 km race around 85% of the VAM,
  • Half marathon around 80%
  • Marathon around 75%.

2- Test of 5km in CARRERA (Determination of the Anaerobic Threshold (UAn).

5.000 m are made. of race at a constant maintained speed, trying to obtain the least possible final time.

To determine the UAn, average speed and average HR will be measured, which will give us the HR and the rhythm corresponding to our Anaerobic Threshold.

The anaerobic threshold is the point at which our body is producing more CO2 than our body can compensate with the oxygen provided by our respiration, which makes it begin to accumulate waste products (lactic acid) in our blood and that our yield drop.

For this reason, knowing our Anaerobic Threshold will help us not to exceed our race pace, preventing our performance from falling.


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