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3 types of training to do on the roller

Here we leave three types of training that you can carry out according to your objectives

There are days when the cold, rain or even snow arrives, and there is no other choice but to be faithful to the roller.

Here we leave you three types of training that you can carry out according to your objectives, with a roller at home and without any sophisticated technology.

The workouts that we show you below can be modified as long as you take into account the training parameters (volume, duration and intensity) according to the objective you want to train:

Aerobic threshold (Ventilatory 1)

The possibility of de maintain the energy system aerobically for as long as possible, is the objective of work at this point. For this we will make 60 sessions to 90 minutes in which we will maintain a rhythm around 70-85% FC or small changes in rhythm within these intensities.

1 training

  • 10 warm-up minutes
  • 4 times: 8 minutes to 70-75% + 2 minutes to 85%
  • 10 minutes of smooth shooting

Anaerobic threshold (or Ventilatory 2)

The anaerobic threshold determines the point from which lactate production exceeds our body's ability to eliminate it, so it begins to accumulate and causes a decrease in performance.

To carry out this training we have to to know at what intensity (zone or% FC) is our anaerobic threshold. As a guide we can tell you that it is usually around 70% FC at the beginning of the season, although of course it varies according to the level of training.

This type of training is done with intervals of different intensities, normally of the same duration, which allow an incomplete recovery in order to start up the “lactate cleaning” system.

2 training

  • 10 warm-up minutes
  • 3-5 times: 5 minutes at 80% FC + 5 minutes at 60% FC
  • 10 minutes back to calm with smooth filming

Maximum oxygen consumption (aerobic power)

The maximum consumption of oxygen is the body's ability to absorb, transport and metabolize oxygen. It is determined by various genetic factors around 70-80% but offers us a 15-20% improvement range with training.

The objective in these trainings is reach and maintain maximum oxygen consumption for as long as possiblethat is, we work above the anaerobic threshold. An example of this type of work would be the one shown below:

3 training

  • 10 warm-up minutes
  • 5 repetitions of 3 minutes at the maximum intensity you can achieve and maintain, interspersing 3 minutes at 50-60% FC
  • 10 minutes back to calm

At a global level we have to take into account that aerobic threshold training is the basis of our endurance, so it will play a very important role during the preseason.

Anaerobic threshold training will help us improve the previous one and maintain a higher rhythm constantly.

Finally, the VO2max training is very appropriate for us to improve in the raises and starts of the peloton, but due to its intensity, it must be done with sufficient rest between sessions.

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes

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