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4 Tips to optimize training in intermittent hypoxia

In Reebok Performance they have more than 8 years of experience and everyone gets benefits.

Maybe you have considered at some point to try the hypoxia training, but you still do not know whether to buy / rent a machine or use the service of a specialized center.

As in all new technologies, knowledge is necessary, in Reebok Performance we 8 over years of experience and everyone gets benefits.

Summary of benefits:

  1. Increase in capillarization and vasodilation (improvements in recovery)
  2. Increase in red blood cells, mass of hemoglobin and affinity of oxygen to hemoglobin.
  3. Improves lung capacity and alveolar diffusion (decreases asthma, improves the sleep line, etc.)
  4. Improves the metabolic profile (improves sensitivity to insulindiabetes obesity, improve the Fat Max etc.).
  5. Cell proliferation and mitochondrial regeneration.

We are going to reveal some of the keys to our success with the results, because if you have tried it and it has not worked for you, it may be due to not meeting the following 4 tips:


To obtain benefits, the most important thing is the control of blood oxygen saturation. The sessions may not work because there is no control of blood oxygen saturation (Spo2).

This is very important, do not lose 88% Spo2 in one session, it will not be enough to stimulate the body and get benefits and lose 75% Spo2 can be harmful, we must control the right dose, It's like a vaccine, if you put in little it does not work and a lot can be deadly.

It is very important to keep a progression control of the Spo2, decreasing it progressively.


Each day we can respond differently at the same height (concentration of O2), in a session of hypoxia it is not the same to be rested, trained, sleeping little or stressed, the body reacts differently depending on the circumstances.

Daily we must analyze our situationIn a center the person in charge of the session should ask about the individual circumstances of the day, it is impossible for a hypoxia session to go well if you do not value the physical state of the moment.

Even within the same session the body can adapt, hyperventilating so that the Spo2 does not go down, or hiccoughing by decreasing too much the Spo2 to relax, we will have to adjust the oxygen concentration% if necessary, according to the response of Spo2 of each person.


We must understand the principles of training (adaptation, progression, overload, continuity, etc.) that provide the basis for programming a hypoxia protocol focused on the desired objectives. The lack of constancy is common in those that start and may be the failure of our results.

Getting results depends on good planning. If we do not control the programming it is important that we let ourselves be advised. We must schedule the sessions according to the objective we want, an adequate protocol is the key to success.

At the beginning, in the first sessions, perseverance is very important. The physiological changes and improvements you get with hypoxia are like any other physical quality, if you do not train it you lose it over time, so it's good that we have a hypoxia professional to help us plan it with training, like in any other sport, A standard programming does not work, we must individualize according to our circumstances.


There are many ways to do and schedule an intermittent session of hypoxia, it can be done at rest (asleep or awake) or in exercise (continuous, with sprints, strength, or even while doing a specific sporting gesture)

There is a great variety of training in hypoxia with the specificity of the session focused on your goals you will improve faster.


If hypoxia does not work for you, it can be one of the problems mentioned above, the difference is in the programming and knowledge on how to do it. It is very important that if we do not understand the subject we let ourselves be advised by a good professional in the matter at least in the beginning.

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