5 exercises to improve breaststroke technique

We propose 5 exercises to improve your breaststroke technique

You already know that the greater the variety of stimuli, the more muscular adaptations we can achieve.

Therefore, today we propose 5 exercises to improve breaststroke technique and avoid that it is the style resigned to the soft swim or recovery.


Place a churro under the armpits.

We will swim breaststroke in a normal way with the impediment of the churro in the armpits that will prevent them from passing the line of the shoulders during the stroke.


Perform the normal breaststroke stroke and hold for 3 seconds in arrow position to slide.

This exercise will allow us to focus on the momentum of the kick and acquire an adequate hydrodynamic position to avoid resistance to advance


Perform the stroke each time with one arm, keeping the other stretched out in front.

In addition to working on coordination, the objective of this exercise is to become aware of the support of the stroke to improve the momentum of the stroke.

You can add difficulty to this exercise by keeping your opposite arm close to your body rather than stretched out in front.

Double stroke without breathing.

Take one breath every two strokes, so that you have to keep your head in the water for one stroke and one stroke.

We take advantage of the stroke that we do not breathe to perform a very fast recovery and we try to imitate that speed also when we breathe.

Breaststroke with butterfly kick.

This will help both styles, but for breaststroke it will allow us to make a quick and aggressive recovery that will be coordinated with the butterfly kick.

In addition, you will increase the work of the hips, looking for a small oscillating movement in each stroke that will help the momentum.

You can perform this exercise with one or two kicks per stroke and with or without fins.

Begin by performing the technique exercises at the beginning of the workout, after the warm-up, in order to avoid fatigue and at a low speed.

Later, when you have automated the exercises, you can include it during the series or with speed changes.

Laura García Cervantes
Laura Garcia Cervantes.
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

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