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5 options to improve your power in cycling

Say that for  improve bike power It is necessary to do series on the rise, it's like telling a child that to grow, you have to eat.

If you like to follow the fashions, you're probably worried about how to improve the power by bike. And if you have also asked someone, I am sure that many people have answered you "doing series on the rise". Well, this answer is correct, but maybe it is not the only and / or best option.

To say that to improve the power on a bike you have to do series on the rise, it's like telling a child that to grow, you have to eat.


Think you can Attack the feat of improving your power from 5 fronts distinct

1 - Technique

The most important thing to improve your power is to have a good pedaling technique, because if you do not pedal correctly (that is, in a circular way) you are not taking advantage of all your energy (power) and also you run the risk of injuring your knees (since working the power involves exerting more force on the pedals).

Make cycling sessions where you work the pedaling technique.


Circular pedaling

One possibility that I love is the one-legged pedaling, because in this way you are more aware of how you are pedaling and you can improve very quickly mechanical efficiency.

looking for a flat terrain or slightly downhill, and you do not want to go too fast (cadence between 50 and 70 rpm).

Within the same session (I recommend doing a single technique session per week) you can include between 3 and 5 repetitions of a maximum duration of 3 minutes. To perform the exercise without excessive fatigue, rests double the execution time.

2 - Training

Surely you're thinking "... if it's okay, but what about the series on the rise ... ", if you want to do this type of training you should look for a long and continuous rise (I leave the slope of the upload to your free choice).

Series Up

Work with one Cadence between 70 and 85 rpm and perform between 2 and 4 repetitions that are not inferior to 6 minutes and do not exceed the minutes 20. In this type of session, recovery must be from same time as the execution The exercise.

If you like series on the rise, think about the following:

If I want to improve the power, the ideal would not be to work the power?

Well in this case I recommend you do Power Intervals. 

Joaquin Rodriguez

Do these exercises in a flat ground or even on a roller, works at 110-120 rpm (I was not wrong, you have to go to a very high cadence to work the power), and performs Between 4 and 8 efforts de between 3 and 5 minutes of duration to one maximum intensity.

If you want to improve the power, do not focus so much on the series on the rise and worry more about the Power Intervals.

3 - Fitness center

If you consider that to have more power means to have more strength, then a very good option is to work strength in the gym.

Obviously it will not do much to do push-ups to improve your strength in the legs, so perform exercises as similar as possible to the mechanical gesture of pedaling.

Have you ever done the one-legged bench press?

Press bench

Well, this is one of the exercises that will gain the most power to transfer it later in power on the bike.

Another highly recommended exercise is the frontal squat.

Front Squat

In this case I leave you free to choose whether to do the exercise with your own weight or by holding a bar on your shoulders, or with a dumbbell in each hand.

And if you do not like going to the gym and you're looking for an exercise you can do at home, you always have the front jumps with one leg.

Front Salt

4 - Nutrition

And now we go to what rage gives you: think about the weight. When you are on the bike, the effort you make will allow you to shift the weight of the bike and your own. As well, do not think that if you weigh less it will be easier to move? Before answering that "... if it's worth it, I weigh less and I move better, but that does not mean having more strength ..." ask yourself the following

If I weigh less, can I work better on the bicycle and in this way allocate more energy to the development of the power?


Well, that's what it's about, to remove some ballast to be able have more energy to work.

5 - Concentration

Not being the fifth of the councils is the least important, since the concentration must be present at all times.

What do I mean by concentration?


Well, to something very simple: what is the point of making an exit of 5 hours by bike, so that when the time comes to do a power job you are so tired (and distracted) that you do not do the execution right?

So think of two different concentrations:


  • Concentrates power work in a session, do not mix a long output with a power job. If you want to improve the power, it is best to do a short but intense session.
  • Concentrate yourself. Whether in the gym or on the bike, if you want to improve your power you must be aware at what time you should be more attentive to the execution of the exercise. In a warm up you can relax, but during a Power Interval you should concentrate on working with the appropriate cadence and intensity.

As you see, not only with series of ascent the power is improved, in the same way that a child does not grow only based on food.


AuthorRicard Perez, Sports Center and Cycling and Triathlon Coach.


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