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5 reasons to make turns in swimming even if you are a triathlete

Although in competition you will not have to do it, they will give you many benefits if you do them in training

You will compete in open water, you will not have walls and you will not have to turn around, but we have enough reasons to encourage you to practice turning in a pool.

In swimming there is no doubt that the training is done with all the turns, but if you are a triathlete you have possibly resorted to the excuse that you do not need them for open waters despite the indications of your trainer. Well, we tell you that it is not a whim, to learn, to practice and to include turn around in training has several benefits for you:

Improvement of lung capacity.

Unlike when you grab the wall at every turn, the fact of flipping requires approximately two apneas per minute, which will make your lungs and respiratory system work harder.

Improve your adaptation to the aquatic environment.

The more skills you can develop efficiently, the more comfortable you will be in the water and more will increase your motivation to get overcome new challenges.

Improve your swim rhythm

Resembling a car, if each long we make a stop, in addition to losing the inertia of the movement, we will need to restart for the next long (gasoline injection) so our accelerations and braking will only demand more expenditure of our energy system that if we turn in to Maintain the constant rhythm of swimming.

It resembles to a greater extent the open water situation.

When you choose to grab and stop in each length you are taking advantage to rest And this will not happen when you have to swim in open water. So that works physically and psychologically to keep the rhythm constant without breaks.

Contributes to the work of force.

Each flip involvesctivation of the core musculature as well as the legs for the impulse in the wall, so besides being able to swim faster you will be stronger.

Do not despair if at first they are expensive and you swallow water. Start practicing warm-up and soft sets until you can include it in all your workouts.

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Technical Director Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer


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