5 tricks to avoid heeling when you run

besides being a frequent mistake, it increases the possibility of injury

Make contact with the ground with the heel when we run, in addition to being a frequent mistake, increases the possibility of injury due to the impact it causes on the body, mainly the joints.

The fact of making contact with the ground putting the heel instead of the midfoot, around the metatarsal, which would be the correct thing, presents a wide range of factors that together or separately can cause this fact.

Therefore, we advise you practice different exercises to try to modify this action:

 Make sure that your stride length is not excessive.

As a result of ignorance or external advice, on many occasions we observe athletes trying to make a stride as wide as possible.

 Analyze your body position.

During the race the body is slightly inclined forward, with the gaze forward (not towards your feet), so that we can draw a diagonal line from the head to the foot.

 Do technical exercises.

Mainly those exercises that focus attention on making contact with the midfoot (metatarsal).

 Run barefoot.

Find a soft ground free of any object that could damage you and practice part of your training on it. It can be warming up or a return to calm. With this exercise you will have more feedback on your footprint

 Put your feet up.

We don't mean that you are dragging your feet but you may not be properly raising your foot with every stride.

To achieve this you must flex your knees in each phase of the impulse, think about showing your sole to the one who comes behind.

You can help yourself with these ideas to train the running technique:

 Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

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