6 signs that warn you to rest

When we maintain long periods of training with high loads, volumes and intensities without leaving an adequate recovery period, performance will suffer.

Pay attention to the signals your body sends to avoid reaching this state.

El overtraining syndrome o chronic fatigue se presents as a decreased sports performance, but also it is associated with various physiological and psychological manifestationss that you can attend before reaching it:

1st-Increase in heart rate at rest and during exercise.

Evaluate the resting heart rate can be a good indicator fatigue control.

Likewise, having a record of the heart rate at each intensity of the training will allow us to control variations in an objective way.

2nd-Sleep disturbances.

In the hours of sleep the athlete can't get rest, have a restful sleep and therefore recover from the fatigue of training.

3rd-Alterations in appetite.

Normally related to decrease of the same that can lead to loss of body weight.

4th-Delay in recovery after exercise.

Increased recovery time required after the training sessions compared to other similar moments of loading in the season.

5th-Decreased motivation.

La loss of motivation and desire will be reflected in the athlete's attitude compared to training and more pronounced at times of greater demand (competition).

6th-Increased irritability and emotional lability.

Increased bad mood and constant disgusteo constant and uncontrolled changes in the manifestation of emotions (crying, laughing) are also related to chronic fatigue states.

Overtraining, causes, effects and solutions

 Among the causes, prolonged periods of physical exercise can cause increase in cortisol, one of the " stress hormoness “, which under normal conditions increases in situations of mental pressure and puts us on alert, as in competitions.

 But what with continuous high levels have harmful effects for the athlete, even causing muscle damage.

It is important to take great care of food, since Overtrained people have been shown to have excessive carbohydrate intake refined helping to elevate ortisol,

How to avoid overtraining?

 If you want to know more, in the following article we explain and give you guidelines for avoid overtraining

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

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