Some things you have to know if you train with a roller

The roller in fall training is the perfect ally

Now that summer is over and autumn begins with rain and cold, it is the moment in which many athletes bet on the home training with the roller.

Using the bicycle with the roller is not only a great option to maintain or gain shape, but also, thanks to the various online platforms, it becomes a entertainment activity, where you can compete with other athletes or against the simulator itself.

Our collaborator, Zycle, which has always been behind the development of Bkool smart rollers, has an ideal roller model for training at home, the SmartZPRO, with a maximum power of 1.200 watts being one of the quietest on the market, something important if you train at home.

We have already spoken on other occasions about benefits of roller training that we remember but now we leave you some reasons why it is interesting to have it

How much does one hour of roller training equal?

In general, you can establish a relationship between roller training with outdoor training, if you train alone 1 hour of roller will be like rolling on the road 1: 10-15, as long as it is flat, without crosses, etc.

10 examples of training to use the roller

  • Quality work in short sessions with controlled series
  • Training with low time availability, maximizing benefits
  • Regenerative works after days of heavy load
  • Training with bad weather
  • Back to the calm after a running session
  • Transition work or multitransitions
  • Technique sessions and high cadences
  • Proprioceptive enhancements and feedback after biomechanical study
  • Cross training
  • Back to training after injury or during injury

Training platforms for virtual cycling

In this article we reviewed the main virtual cycling platforms that exist in the market and that are 100% compatible with Zycle.

  • Bkool
  • Zwift
  • rouvy
  • Trainer Road
  • kinomaps
  • suffertest

Training plans, test ..

But in addition to this type of virtual training platform we leave you some training articles that you may find interesting

More Roller Training Articles

If you are looking for a quality roller and with guarantees the brand Zycle It is an ideal option, since it has gone hand in hand with Bkool for many years.

To consult more information about the brand and its models visit the official page


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