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Learn to use the tuba to improve your body position in swimming

The tuba has many benefits to bring you in your swimming training

It is very likely that you have already read about benefits of using the tuba or snorkel for swimming, and more specifically for technique exercises, but getting to it sometimes is not so simple.

If you have never used one tuba or snorkel or if you have only used those that are attached to the diving goggles (which cover the nose), it is possible that you need a learning period to dissociate breathing between mouth and nose.

Firstly, look for a quiet moment outside your usual workouts, where you can take your time to perform the following exercises without any external pressure.

Trying for the first time in a workout may not be the best idea.

First, put on the tuba: remember that you have to place the teeth, without pressing, in the smallest area of ​​the mouthpiece and seal the entire mouthpiece with your lips.

The restraint should be placed on the forehead, once you have put on the glasses, and the rubber behind the head at mid-height.

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 Breathing exercises to automate mouth breathing:

 1. Without submerging the head

Performs several breaths covering your nose to avoid using it. Then repeat the exercise by placing your hand in the nostrils (uncapped) to verify that you do not perform inspirations through the nose.

2. Grabbing the curb or lane

Dip your head to perform several breaths with the tuba. You can start by covering your nose with your hand and repeat later without covering it.

3. When you have mastered the previous exercise

Without covering the nose, take a board and Perform kick exercises. Focus your attention on the relaxed and continuous breathing, without performing vigorous exhalations since the water leaves the tube through the non-return valve.

4. Integrate the tuba in all exercises

The last step will be integrate the use of the tuba in any technical exercise or full swim. Once you have mastered it you can even try to make the turns with it.

If despite following the steps you can not master the use, we recommend use nose clips. They are the ones that swimmers usually use for artistic swimming, so you can easily find them at any sports store.

 Be patient and perseverant and you will see that once you can dissociate your breath, the tuba has many benefits What to bring in your swimming training to improve body position y focus on technique

 Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes


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