The benefits of practicing water sports

More and more studies link a high life expectancy with daily sports practice.

Among others, performing physical exercise has a direct impact on strengthening the body and muscles, but also on the emotional or psychological state of people. Not in vain, psychologists and psychiatrists who prescribe sport to their patients as part of their treatment have increased in recent years.

But, beyond what is socially known, there are certain sports that produce greater effects than others.

In this sense, as pointed out by Fluidra, a world leader in swimming pool and wellness equipment and connected solutions, it offers all kinds of solutions to be able to do water sports in the best conditions, through extremely beneficial activities for both the body as for the mind.

What is a water sport?

Before pointing out the benefits they generate, let's go by parts: What is meant by water sports? As its name suggests, a Acuatic sport It is the one that is executed in the water, either on the surface, such as swimming or water polo, or under it, such as diving.

Therefore, within the category of watersports various activities that are practiced in different media, from swimming pools to rivers or seas. Despite this variety, they all produce similar benefits.

Effects of practicing water sports

The practice of water sports has numerous advantages. One of them is that can grow anywhereregardless of whether some facilities are more appropriate than others. In this sense, the community or unit pools They are used to practice any of these sports on a daily basis, although said practice is also compatible with natural and open environments.

1. General mobility

Unlike other sports, exercising in the water makes it easier to movement of all the muscles of the body. In this sense, some people with mobility problems go to swimming pools to overcome difficulties and strengthen certain areas. This is because in water body weight is reduced by up to 90%.

2. Cardiorespiratory fitness

Certain people present problems related to lung or cardiorespiratory fitness. In practice, this means that after prolonged physical exertion, some subjects run out of air or have difficulty breathing. Water sports are perfect for improving lung capacity, as they require constant exercise of the lungs and continuous mind-body coordination.

3. Burn fat

If what you want is to lose weight and have a toned body, few exercises are as appropriate as water sports. When we practice sports such as swimming or diving, the human body performs a double exercise, since the environment itself prevents us from moving forward. Thus, without realizing it, we are making a greater effort than with other sports, such as Running

4. Posture

The people who present posture-related problems they increase daily. Telecommuting or increased hobbies sedentary has caused quite severe lumbar and back pain. In this sense, swimming allows strengthen the back and improve posture.

In addition, water sports produce effects on emotional state, reducing anxiety and levels of stress or depression. For this reason, more and more people are opting for a swimming pool at home or signing up for sports clubs.

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