The Triathlete's Check-List for triathlon. Mediterranean triathlon

The day of the competition arrives and everything has to be in order. Nerves and last minute forgetting are a classic, so we propose a simple checklist for the day before and the day of the competition.

Day before the competition (or the trip): Prepare the suitcase

Touch to check that everything necessary for the competition is ready. One idea is to put everything on the bed in order (swimming, cycling, running) and according to what you include in your backpack taches from the list:

  • DNI and / or License
  • Trituration
  • Hat, glasses and flip flops
  • Neoprene (includes with it a bottle of soapy water or body oil to throw it in the competition, removing it will be faster)
  • Portadorsal
  • Helmet
  • Calas (in case you use them)
  • Drum
  • Running shoes (highly recommended with elastic laces)
  • Nutrition: bars, gels, nuts, etc.
  • Other equipment you want to use: For example, clothes for before and after competition
  • Other accessories that you will need: sunglasses, sunscreen, petroleum jelly or rubbing cream, rubbers to place the coves, swell, etc.

When you have filled your backpack, dedicate 15 minutes to the revision of your bike: swollen wheels, correct operation of wheels and brakes, repair material.

If you want to know more about triathlon equipment, go to our section triathlon material test 

Pre-competition day (or trip): Prepare your body

Training the day before a competition is very personal. Some people even prefer to rest completely, but if you are someone who needs a little activity, we recommend you:

  • If you have the possibility, performs the competition cycling circuit, at a comfortable pace and paying attention to the most complex turns and state of the terrain
  • If you prefer to run, a Soft trot of 20-30 minutes including in them a couple of kilometers at a medium pace, it will be enough for your body to activate and remember that the next day it's your turn to perform.
  • If you like to try the water where you will swim, make a continuous swim of about 20 minutes and ends by practicing a couple of entries and exits to the water as it will be done in the competition.

Competition day: Logistic organization

  • Take the DNI to collect your race number at the competition secretariat
  • Reach the place of competition at least an hour and a half before your departure
  • Look at the time material control y go with time to do it without haste
  • Place everything in material as you trained to make the transition
  • Visualize the zone and direction of the transition, as well as the bike and race segment
  • Visualize the buoys yeThe direction of rotation from the same
  • Make a Heating of 15-20 minutes previous to the call camera
  • Stay close to the departure area and watch 10-15 minutes before the time marked for your departure, usually the camera calls.

Competition day: Activate your body

It is highly recommended that dedicate a few 15-20 minutes to heat, raise pulsations and activate your muscles. As you get experience, create your warm-up routine, in this way you will concentrate your body and mind for the competition following a protocol that you trust.

While that arrives, we recommend that you do 5 minutes of mobility articulatesr (static or dynamic), very important shoulders and even more if you play neoprene. Later, he makes a smooth trot and progressive lines (without reaching the maximum).

On less hot days, and to avoid staying cold, we advise you to warm up outside the water. If the ambient temperature is warm, you can also warm 5 minutes by swimming softly, near the shore to be attentive to the indications.

You are ready, so enjoy your experience and learn from unforeseen situations for the future!

#See you at the finish line

The triathlete's Check-List for the triathlon. Mediterranean triathlon, news_08_banne-mediterranea-triathlon-down

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