Indoor Cycling VS Roller, Pros and Cons

Now that winter is coming, training at home or in the gym is a great option

When winter comes accompanied by cold and rain, our cycling training and doubts arise about how to keep the bike shape during this complicated time.

Here are two options, with their advantages and disadvantages so you can decide on one of them according to your objectives.

Indoor cycling training

Many athletes opt for collective indoor cycling classes during the winter so as not to lose the physical condition and routine of cycling training.

Although it may be a good cardiovascular training option of moderate to vigorous intensity when performed in collective classes led by professionals, the different geometries that these bicycles present do not resemble those of triathlon or cycling, So there will always be variations in the biomechanics of pedaling and body position.

Roller training

Roller training is rejected by some athlete due to logistics prior to preparing it (removing or changing the wheel or cover, mounting it on the roller, accommodating the floor of the room so as not to damage it, etc.) or even the monotony of training regarding road training.

However, opt for the roller training with our own bike it may be more beneficial since we are getting greater adaptation of our body to the position of the bicycleto, so as a pedaling very similar to the one we will do on the road.

In addition, the excuses commonly used for not performing these workouts are relegated with the new roller versions that offer many interactive routes for training, much simpler and faster assemblies, with less noise and erosion of the bicycle.

 Cros and Cons of Indoor Roller and Cycle Training

Fit to own competition material

Optimized pedaling time (we don't get carried away)

Pedaling technique improvement

Greater effort control without external constraints

Little storage space


Assembly logistics

Noise (in some cases)

Fitness (cardiovascular and strength)

Entertainment (collective classes)


Different positions for the geometry of bicycles

Incorrect positions due to ignorance


Take up a lot of space


For us, the choice of one type or another of training will vary depending on the objectives, needs and possibilities of each athlete.

But keep in mind the factors that influence according to the option you choose!

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes

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