General conditioning circuit for preseason

We leave you a circuit to start the season on the right foot.

We are back and we have to get back in shape. So that time and place is not an excuse we present you with an easy routine of general physical conditioning.

We will perform 30 working seconds in each exercise steadily and we will rest 10 seconds to change exercise.

Once you finish all the exercises, repeat the circuit between 3 and 6 times.


1 Jogging or skipping on site

2 Climbers

3 Dynamic iron

4 Jumping jacks

5 Squat and boxing

6 Push-ups

General pre-season conditioning circuit

Pre-season circuit name.jpg

Pre-season circuit.jpg

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Remember that it is always necessary to perform the technique correctly, so if you do not endure in scheduled time it is better that you reduce it and progress day by day.

Start your routine to get back in shape and don't stop until you reach your goals for the new season!


Laura García Cervantes

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